Born a quarter-century after the Beatles broke up, Justin Bieber tried his hand at “Let It Be” Friday at a Toronto bar — Fifth Pubhouse. The ballots are in, and some say Bieber bonked.

Justin Bieber. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
“Sounds pretty bad… needs to practice,” said one YouTube comment.

“Came to witness the train wreck, wasn’t disappointed,” said another.

Of course, the quality of the video, shot on a smartphone, wasn’t the best either.

Rolling Stone reported: “After spotting a piano inside the pub, Bieber asked employees if he could play it and then, soon after, gave those in attendance a brief concert that featured the Beatles’ “Let It Be,” OneRepublic’s “Apologize,” Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” and Bieber’s own “Sorry.”

“Dale McDermott, a bartender at Fifth Pubhouse who recently moved to the Canadian city from Dublin, Ireland, tweeted about the low-key experience of meeting the pop idol. ‘He was a very genuine guy and was intrigued at my move to Toronto He wished me all the best and even mimicked my accent! Nice experience.'”

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