Here’s how the debate over Donald Trump tweeting nonsense is going on the Seth Meyers YouTube channel:

Seth Meyers of NBC’s “Late Night” show. Image via
“So if Trump says the moon is made of green cheese, then [it] must be a valid statement, even though it might scrap the NASA budget,” said one of 2,000 comments.

In reply came this: “The media says it isn’t, but some people are saying that it is. Just check Facebook.”

Who will sort fact from fact-free? Seth Meyers on his NBC “Late Night” show, whose new motto may be: “It’s not funny because it’s not true.”

“It is not possible that millions of people voted illegally and nobody notice, and it is wildly irresponsible to claim that it is possible! Stop saying everything is possible,” Meyers said Monday.

“At the heart of the Trump team’s defense of these false conspiracy theories is the cynical notion that truth doesn’t matter at all. That people can choose to believe whatever reality they want to believe.”

What to believe?

A YouTube commenter gave an example:

“Trump won the rigged election fair and square! Facts are a lie by the liberal lamestream media! The billionaire President and the billionaires in his cabinet are going to get big money out of politics! Mexico is going to pay for Muslims dancing down on 7/11! We need a wall to protect us from China! Thinking is dumb and learning is stupid!”

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