Michael Moore in 2011. Photo by David Shinbone via Wikimedia Commons
Michael Moore in 2011. Photo by David Shinbone via Wikimedia Commons

Who will have more force on Inauguration Day? Donald Trump fans or those answering Michael Moore’s call to disrupt events on Jan. 20, 2017?

The left-wing filmmaker tweeted late Tuesday night a link to “#DisruptJ20.”

Bipartisan Report noted:

“Moore has just begun to help promote a dramatic protest that intends to shut down Washington, D.C. when President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017 — to the point of forcing his inauguration to be held ‘behind closed doors,’ ostensibly for security purposes.

“The jumping-off point for the opposition to Trump’s incoming presidential administration voiced by Moore and his ideological colleagues is simple — Hillary Clinton remains ahead in the national popular vote total by nearly 2.7 million votes and counting.”

The DisruptJ20 website concludes: “From day one, the Trump presidency will be a disaster. #DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear.

“The parade must be stopped. We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents. It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us as if our lives depend on it — because they do.”

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