Paul Pierce of the L.A. Clippers was nicknamed “The Truth” by Shaquille O’Neal. Pierce may have to cede the monicker to John Oliver.

John Oliver tells plans to buy TV ads directed at President Trump. Image via
In his return Sunday to “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver vowed to share the truth with President Trump — not just on his HBO show but via real ads placed on cable networks the president is likely to watch in the morning.

“Each ad featured a man dressed up as a cowboy who explained things like what the nuclear triad is, demographics of urban areas and that there are other people in the world other than himself,” said The New York Daily News.
Said Oliver: “We all need to commit to defending the reality of facts, but it’s going to take work.”

“As we now know, he watches morning news cable for his information, so we’ve actually created a series of commercials in an attempt to bring him up to speed on some information he may lack. We’re going to run them on shows that we know he watches every day.

The Hollywood Reporter said he took out commercials in the DC area on shows like MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” CNN’s “New Day” and Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

“At the end of the segment, Oliver played clips of some of the Trump-educational commercials, which touched on the nuclear triad, climate change, appetizer forks, how not all black people live in the inner cities and the concept that there are many ‘non-you people’ out there.”

“Until we’re shut down, we’re prepared to educate Donald Trump one by one on topics we’re pretty sure he doesn’t know about,” Oliver said.

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