Anybody want a “He will not divide us” livecam?

Shia LaBeouf (left) screams “He will not divide us” into another man’s face. Image via Twitter
After being punted by The Museum of the Moving Image in New York City and shut down by project creator Shia LaBeouf himself, the performance art may not last its promised four years.

As People magazine noted: “The actor announced on Thursday that the livestream had been taken down after gunshots were reported the area [of the El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico.] He tweeted that the ‘safety of everybody participating in our project is paramount.’”

A lightning rod for controversy and comedy, the installation was launched Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, where visitors were urged to to repeat the phrase “He will not divide us” into a camera mounted on a wall outside the New York museum.

But if you can’t make it in New York, can you make it anywhere?

Keep an eye on HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US for where the camera next pops up.

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