During the 2012 presidential debates, Mitt Romney pledged allegiance to pay equity by noting his “binders full of women.”

Mitt Romney. Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
It was a reference to his 2002 transition to governor of Massachusetts. The phrase was mocked as a sign of tone deafness on women’s issues.

Now the Boston Globe has found the binders.

“A former Romney aide recently exhumed the files and shared them with the Globe,” the paper said. “Two white three-ring binders (weighing in at an aggregate 15 pounds, 6 ounces) are packed with nearly 200 cover letters and résumés, along with a few handwritten notations.”

In fact, Romney hired some of the women in the binders.

The Globe quoted Beth Myers, Romney’s chief of staff as governor and later his presidential campaign manager.

“He wanted to have his Cabinet and office staff well represented with women,” Myers said. “We weren’t getting a ton of names. Those résumés in the binders — they weren’t just used in the beginning to look for staff and put in a corner; we used them throughout, especially for boards and commissions.”

One lady who didn’t get a job was contacted by the Globe.

“That’s going back quite a bit,” said said Lillian Gonzalez, a certified public accountant. “A lot has transpired in between.”

The Globe noted handwritten notes accompanying her name. They included “Party? . . . Latino . . . May not be [Republican].”

Gonzalez confirmed that she was not a Republican. She had an interview with the transition team, but never heard back, said the story by Jim O’Sullivan.

“Absolutely correct,” she said about not being a Republican. “I fly off the screen to the left.”

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