Ann Coulter, the conservative bomb-thrower, pulled out of her talk at UC Berkeley this week to avoid potential smoke bombs.

But was there a there there?

“It’s true that in recent months, protests on or near this bucolic campus have turned violent,” CNN said. “Earlier this month, 21 people were arrested when opposing groups clashed in a city park over President Trump’s policies, and in February an appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled amid near-riots.”

But CNN visited the campus and couldn’t find thugs at what Coulter has called “radical thuggish institution.”

“Many students will tell you they support Coulter’s right to speak, even if they disagree with her,” CNN said. “The university should have found a way to make it happen, they’ll say.”

Harmanjit Sodhi, 20, told CNN that she was liberal growing up in Tracy, but Berkeley’s leftism pushed her to the center.

“Many of her classmates are quick to label someone a bigot or ‘sh**ty person” if they divert even slightly from core left-wing values, she said.”

Free speech from commenters:

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