Forget the State of the Nation. What’s the state of Donald Trump’s marriage?

Still image from video of Melania Trump resisting President Trump’s effort to hold hands. Image via
With video of first lady Melania flicking, swatting or slapping away the president’s hand as they walked down an Israeli red carpet, speculation soared.

“There may be no peace in the Middle East between the two of them,” said Whoopi Goldberg on “The View.”

Raw Story noted that the studio audience “roared with laughter as they watched the video, and the panelists agreed they could watch it over and over.”

“She can’t stand him,” said Joy Behar.

Added the site: “Behar pointed out that Trump is frequently seen walking ahead of his wife getting into and out of planes, and the panelists agreed he had been coached before the Mideast trip to publicly behave more like a gentleman toward his wife.”

Kissy points to the first journalist to ask about this at the next White House press conference.

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