Tiger Woods booking photo and segment of police report. Images via Golf Channel and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Was Tiger Woods on the anxiety/depression drug Xanax when he was arrested for DUI in Florida?

That’s what he told Jupiter police after being found asleep behind the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes on the side of the road in the early hours of May 29, says a Golf Channel report.

“A newly released report from the Jupiter (Fla.) Police Department indicates that Tiger Woods told arresting officers that he was taking Xanax when he was arrested last month for suspicion of driving under the influence,” said the Golf Channel.

“While he blew a 0.000 on two Breathalyzer tests, he failed multiple field sobriety tests and later issued a statement citing ‘an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.’”

Officer Christopher Fandry quizzed Woods at the scene.

“I asked Woods if he had taken any medication to which he stated ‘Xanax,’” Fandry wrote.

The Golf Channel said Fandry reported that Woods told him once more during the field sobriety test that he had taken Xanax.

“After arriving at the testing facility, Woods told officers that he was on four medications – Soloxex (sic), Torix (sic), Vioxx and Vicodin – but did not mention Xanax.”

Local authorities haven’t yet released the toxicology report.

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