Late-night comics are having a field day with new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. (“Can you dance the fandango?”)

But Twitter is dancing to another tune — the old sci-fi cartoon Futurama.

As Mashable noted: “After ‘the Mooch’ first appeared in his new role … Friday, Twitter users couldn’t help but compare the newly appointed mouthpiece to the infamous ‘That Guy’ character from Futurama. ‘That Guy’ was known for wearing flashy suits — think Gucci meets a suburban Armani Exchange outlet — and trying to con everyone around him.”

The Washington Post echoed: “It didn’t take long after Friday’s announcement for fans of the show to notice how similar Scaramucci looks to a secondary character, Steve Castle, who is referred to as ‘That Guy.’ The character is a parody of Gordon Gekko, the wealthy financier with a penchant for sharp suits and business jargon, played by Michael Douglas in 1987’s ‘Wall Street.’”

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