“Scary Spice” Mel B had a baby with “Saturday Night Live” legend Eddie Murphy — now a 10-year-old girl named Angel Iris.

Murphy at first denied it, but later settled a $7 million paternity case after his fatherhood was confirmed by DNA testing.

Murphy is long gone from the life of Melanie Janine Brown — the former Spice Girl — but his name is popping up amid divorce proceedings involving ex-Spice Girl Mel B and Stephen Belafonte.

“Mel B has barred Belafonte’s access to [Angel] since April 3, when she won a restraining order with allegations Belafonte was physically abusive,” said the New York Daily News.

“In late April, the court granted Belafonte monitored visitation with the 5-year-old daughter he shares with the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge, but Murphy’s child Angel was not included.”

The Daily News said Belafonte thinks he also deserves contact with Angel because he considers himself her de-facto dad.

“During a heated hearing Thursday, a lawyer for Mel B pleaded with Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Riff to at least seal whatever claims Belafonte makes about Angel and her biological parents in future filings.

“We’ve got another parent, Eddie Murphy. You’re putting his little girl in the middle of a media firestorm,” lawyer Susan Wiesner argued before the judge ultimately ruled it was still too soon to issue a sealing order, the paper said.

Mel B appears to be taking it in stride, making several divorce and singlehood references in this week’s “America’s Got Talent” appearance by kid ventriloquist Darci Lynne.

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