Actor Robert Downey Jr. warned his fans Wednesday about scammers posing as the Oscar-nominated performer online and asking for bogus charitable donations.

In a message posted on his Twitter page, the “Iron Man” and “Avengers” star said he has learned about “scam artists” impersonating him on social media sites “and asking some of you via private message or chat for `donations’ for various `causes.”‘

“Just wanted to let you all know that if you encounter someone on a chat platform claiming to be me, they are lying,” Downey wrote. “I will never ever communicate via private chat platforms and I would never ask individual fans for money for any reason. Any communication from me will originate from my public, verified social media pages and all fundraising is done via broad, public campaigns.

I am constantly humbled by the incredible love, support and generosity of our little community,” he wrote. “Some want to take advantage of that, so let’s have each other’s backs. Love you all, and stay safe.”

–City News Service

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