If Jimmy Kimmel is smart, he’ll book Melissa McCarthy the same day he has Sean Spicer on his late-night ABC show.

The Hollywood Reporter says: “Now out of the White House, where he became a household name, Sean Spicer is actively weighing a future that involves opportunities in television. So it makes sense that he’s appearing next Wednesday, Sept. 13, on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, the network announced Thursday afternoon.”

The TV appearance is said to be Spicer’s first late-night show since leaving his role as White House press secretary.

Variety noted that Spicer appeared on the Fox News program “Hannity,” where he said President Trump was “very gracious” in accepting his resignation.

Meanwhile, Axios reported that Fox News wouldn’t offer him a contract.

“Fox News has previously hired former Republican press secretaries in the past, including George W. Bush’s first and last press secretaries, Dana Perino and Ari Fleischer,” Axios said.

The Kimmel news leaked on Twitter.

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