Tyler Perry’s alter ego Madea — the take-no-prisoners grandma — took over the White House lectern Monday as communications director.

Too bad it was only a one-night stand on “The Tonight Show.”

With Jimmy Fallon reprising his President Trump, Perry-as-Madea brought the usual sass.

The Vibe said: “Madea talks about several controversies plaguing the administration, such as poor disaster relief management and Trump’s possible 2020 run.”

“I didn’t vote for Trump,” Madea says to a reporter’s query. “I voted for Hillary three times. Why does anybody work for somebody they can’t stand and they don’t like? I need a check!”

“When Fallon as Trump comes out and attempts to steer the conversation, Madea tells him that she’s got it under control, and that she’ll ‘slap [his] a** back to reality television’ if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut.”

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