Andy Horowitz of The New Yorker. Photo via

It took The New Yorker’s online satirist only 135 words to make a point about Fox News that mainstream outlets often take hours.

Andy Borowitz wrote: “Calling it a story ‘too hot for the other cable-news networks to handle,’ Fox News Channel announced on Tuesday that it would begin airing twenty-four-hour coverage of Bill Clinton’s 1998–99 impeachment.”

The plausible-enough-to-be-true report said: “Fox anchor Sean Hannity announced the programming change, telling viewers that Fox would devote all its resources to reporting the Clinton impeachment to the exclusion of all other news stories.”

Of course, what other stories are out there?

Not much, Fox News estimates.

“For years, this hushed-up chapter of our history has been shrouded in silence,” said the faux Hannity. “That silence ends today.”

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