John Oliver is rolling out a new series of “Catheter Cowboy” TV commercials in the D.C. area aimed at President Trump’s eyes via “Fox & Friends.”

While his “Last Week Tonight” HBO show is on hiatus, the truth-telling cowboy (“Star Trek” supporting actor Thomas Kopache) will conclude by telling Trump: “If you’re not enjoying this, there’s no shame in quitting.”

On Sunday’s show, Oliver closed his fourth season by explaining how Trump avoids accountability. The president, he says, uses three techniques:

Whatboutism — “changing the subject to someone else’s perceived wrongdoing.”

Deligitimizing the media — “technically fake fake news news…an old Soviet propaganda tool.”

(Example: “A defense attorney could not stand up in court and say: Maybe my client did murder those people, but what about Jeffrey Dahmer? What about Al Capone? … I rest my case here, people.)

And trolling — aimed at making people mad. “Who benefits from mass confusion about whether we’re about to go to war?” Oliver said.

Worse is how Trump’s behavior is echoed, Oliver said, showing a clip of Rep. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican, fleeing a reporter while chanting “Fake news, fake news.”

“If there is one thing worse than something terrible, it’s a cover band of that terrible thing,” Oliver said. “If Trump is Nickelback, [Gosar] is Bickelnack — not as good as the original, but a horrible sign that the disease is spreading.

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