The story is told how Tony Muhammad, a Nation of Islam leader, was beaten by Los Angeles police at a 2005 prayer vigil and plunged into depression.

Tony Muhammad at Scientology awards ceremony. Image via
But Scientology saved his life, he’s reputed to have said.

Last month, after helping hype the L. Ron Hubbard-founded church, Muhammad was given Scientology’s highest award, the Freedom Medal.

(Tom Cruise received the honor in 2004.)

A video of the October ceremony — overseen by church boss David Miscavige — was posted by church watchdog Tony Ortega.

On his critical “Underground Bunker” website, Ortega writes: “What you’re going to see is a recording made by someone when the IAS video was shown, presumably at Muhammad’s home org in Inglewood, California…. Muhammad then posted it to his Facebook account, and we thank @IndieScieNews for alerting us to it.

“So you’ll hear and see people in the foreground reacting to the presentation on screen, which starts with an introduction about the work Muhammad does in Los Angeles encouraging gangs to lay down their arms and ‘unify for peace.’”

Ortega says Muhammad has been active in urging Nation of Islam members to do “Book One” Dianetics auditing, “and some members have also been going up Scientology’s more expensive courses on the ‘Bridge to Total Freedom.’”

“Besides his work in gang summits, Muhammad is also known for his anti-vaccine advocacy. … And Muhammad has faithfully repeated [leader Louis] Farrakhan’s public statements, including this endorsement for an antisemitic volume put out by the Nation of Islam.”

The news wasn’t secret. Neither was Muhammad’s recent activity.

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