Amy Winehouse has chosen some creative ways to comfort her father — six years after she apparently drank herself to death.

She sits at the end of dad Mitch’s bed in Kent, England. She takes the form of a blackbird (like her tattoo) and pays nighttime visits.

“There are so many things that happen to me that I cannot explain,” said the singer’s father in The Sun, talking to Dan Wootton, whose column is called Bizarre.

The ghost or spirit of the hit-making singer “just sits there and it looks just like her with her beautiful face and she looks at me. I say to her, ‘Are you all right?’ because I get ­nervous with her being there,” Dad says.

The blackbird story is especially haunting.

“The week after she died, I was at my ­sister’s house and we heard this thud and a blackbird that looked identical to Amy’s tattoo flew into the glass,” he is quoted as saying.

“We went and picked it up and put it up on a perch. It happened at night, when birds don’t fly, but it came back and sat on my foot.

“And then we put it back again and it came and sat in the middle of us and sang. I do now see blackbirds all the time. And you think, ‘Oh, it’s only a bird,’ but it’s her, I’m sure of it.”

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