A film/TV camera on the set. Photo via Pixabay.
A film/TV camera on the set. Photo via Pixabay.

A code of conduct, aimed at combating sexual harassment in the entertainment and media industries, has been adopted by the Screen Actors Guild.

The code, which was released late Saturday, provides a four-pronged approach dubbed “The Four Pillars of Change,” that focuses on rules and guidelines, empowerment through education, expanded intervention and providing a safety net for victims.

“This initiative gives members a clear understanding of their workplace rights and provides reliable guidance for members to navigate the unique environments of the entertainment, music and media industries,” SAG president Gabrielle Carteris said. “To truly change the culture, we must be courageous and willing. At it’s most basic, this Code will ultimately help better define what harassment is, and what members’ rights are in real world situations.”

Nearly 70 people in media and entertainment, mostly men, have been fired or forced to resign since the New York Times published a detailed account of the decades long string of allegations of harassment, sexual assault and rape against powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on Oct. 10, 2017. In January, SAG’s board announced plans to develop guidelines to allow for timely reporting and swift action in cases where any of its roughly 160,000 members feel they have been harassed, assaulted or otherwise mistreated.

“This initiative provides a critical framework for our collective efforts to further strengthen protections for SAG-AFTRA members who experience harassment in the workplace,” said David White, the union’s national executive director. “Our comprehensive approach ensures that we stay focused on providing members with clear information, making training available that is relevant and practical, and working with industry partners to expand our tools to intervene and support victims of workplace harassment and assault.”

–City News Service

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