Think of the “gotcha” questions Alex Trebek could ask.

The 77-year-old host of “Jeopardy!” has agreed to moderate a debate between candidates for governor of Pennsylania.

The 45-minute October showdown will be part of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry’s annual dinner.

“The chamber said incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf (D) has been invited to participate in the Oct. 1 event, along with the winner of the Republican primary,” said The Hill. “Trebek is also going to be the keynote speaker at the dinner.”

The chamber was quoted as saying: “Although candidates won’t answer in the form of questions, they will share their perspectives on job creation, fiscal policy, reasonable regulatory oversight and more.”

In 2013, The Hill reported that Trebek — born in Sudbury, Ontario, but naturalized a U.S. citizen in 1998 — said he’d “love” to moderate a presidential debate.

“Unlike some of the other moderators — I’m not going to disparage them — but I have a different approach,” he said. “I would not let the politicians get away with standard responses. I would try to pin them down, even though I might look bad doing it.”

Trebek deems himself a “social liberal and a fiscal conservative,” according to a 2014 story in Salon, and said he was registered as an independent.

He said at the time he is registered as an independent and has voted for both Democratic and Republican candidates.

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