A longtime friend of actress Nichelle Nichols filed court papers objecting to the appointment of her son as the permanent conservator of his mother’s estate, saying he may sell the former “Star Trek” star’s Woodland Hills home and place her into assisted living without her consent.

Actress/producer Angelique Fawcette also says that she has only been allowed to visit Nichols once since the actress’ son, Kyle Johnson, filed his conservatorship petition earlier this year. Both sides agree Nichols has suffered memory loss, but Fawcette maintains it is less severe than what Johnson is alleging.

On Sept. 10, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson named 67-year-old Johnson — who is not related to the judge — as the temporary conservator of his mother’s person, and Marina del Rey psychologist B.J. Hawkins as the temporary conservator of the actress’ estate to manage her financial matters pending a trial on permanent conservatorships.

Fawcette alleges in her court papers that Johnson is anxious to sell his mother’s home so he can put her into an assisted living facility. Fawcette’s attorney, Troy Martin, said his client will fight such a move.

“Ms. Fawcette intends to continue her efforts to ensure that the court abides by Ms. Nichol’s wishes to remain in her home and to continue doing what she loves by interacting with her fans,” Martin said.

Both (Nichols) and Fawcette “have an inalienable right to carry on a close and loving relationship without interference,” Fawcette maintains in her court papers. “Since the filing of the original petition, Fawcette has been allowed to visit with (Nichols) once, in a meeting that was arranged by … Hawkins.”

Nichols “has a very supportive and loyal fan base” and “takes great pleasure in being in the company of her fans and very much enjoys attending `Star Trek’ conventions,” according to Fawcette’s court papers.

While Fawcette opposes Johnson’s petition, she is asking that Hawkins be named conservator of Nichols’ estate and her person if the judge believes permanent conservatorships are necessary. A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 8.

Most of Nichols’ assets are in her Woodland Hills home, which is worth nearly $2 million, according to her son’s court papers.

Nichols played Lt. Uhura, a translator and communications officer, aboard the USS Enterprise in the “Star Trek” series that ran on NBC from 1966-69, and also appeared in some of the later “Star Trek” movies. She and Fawcette met in 2012, according to Fawcette’s court papers.

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