Primetime Emmy voters will no longer view TV shows on DVDs as they cast their ballots starting in 2020, the Television Academy announced Friday.

DVD “screeners” that are used to promote programming for studios and production houses are currently being delivered to all 25,000 Academy members as they nominate and vote for television programming for the annual Primetime Emmy awards on Sept. 22, 2019.

But after this year’s show, the screeners will be eliminated in an effort to save money and help the environment.

In place of the DVD screeners, programming will be distributed on digital platforms hosted by the production and distribution entities or on the Television Academy’s internet viewing platform. Delivery details will be provided in the future. Academy spokesperson Jim Yaeger said that all members will be “accommodated.”

Officials say the move could save the television industry millions of dollars as studios and production houses will no longer have to purchase and distribute DVDs. The specific amount of savings is still unclear, according to Yaeger.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the Academy to take an important first step to move the industry forward in an area of great concern for both our partners and members, reducing costs and delivering tremendous positive impact for the environment,” Television Academy Chairman Frank Scherma said. “Television has an ever-expanding role as the world’s most innovative and popular entertainment medium, and this decision embraces the evolution of viewing practices and preferences of the Academy’s 25,000 members and the industry at large.”

A statement by the Television Academy said its board of governors adopted the plan so the organization could “proactively and effectively communicate the change throughout the industry — helping partners and vendors involved in Emmy Award planning and promotion understand and assist in the transition. The new policy will go into effect following the 71st Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019.”

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