A man injured on the set of the NBC television series “The New Normal” when he fell into a pit on a stage during production settled his lawsuit he filed against Paramount Pictures Corp.

Lawyers for 60-year-old Shawn Perry Stevens filed a notice of settlement Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. No terms were divulged.

Stevens sued in October 2014 for negligence and premises liability. Paramount denied any liability or responsibility for Stevens’ injuries.

Stevens worked for Key Craft Services for about 25 years and had been present on Paramount stages more than 100 times, the suit stated. Stevens was walking on the perimeter of the stage on the set of “The New Normal” on Nov. 7, 2012, when a group of people started walking toward him, according to a sworn declaration he filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“I moved to my right, closer to the wall of the sound stage, and stepped into an exposed hole created by an absent floor cover…,” Stevens stated.

Stevens said he suffered serious injuries. His suit blamed the accident on the failure of the stage manager to replace the floor cover.

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