Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is scheduled to answer questions from voters at a town hall in Pacific Palisades Monday and speak about his campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and plans to defeat climate change.

Inslee will make remarks to the crowd at the Pacific Palisades Women’s Club and then answer questions and meet one on one with voters, according to his campaign.

The event is hosted by the West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Malibu Democratic clubs.

Inslee is scheduled to conduct a similar event Tuesday in Walnut Creek in Northern California.

This will be Inslee’s fifth visit to the Los Angeles area since declaring his candidacy March 1 and first since he unveiled his Freedom from Fossil Fuels plan on June 24. The plan’s 16 initiatives includes phasing out fossil fuel production and strengthening government oversight and enforcement on polluting industries.

The plan is the fourth part of Inslee’s “Climate Mission,” which also includes the “100% Clean Energy for America,” “Evergreen Economy” and “Global Climate Mobilization” plans.

When Inslee announced his candidacy, he said he was running “because this is our moment, our moment to solve America’s most daunting challenge and make it the first, foremost, and paramount duty of the United States — defeating climate change.”

Inslee has lamented that only 15 minutes in the first set of debates by the Democratic presidential candidates was devoted to climate change. He has called for a “full-length debate on the climate crisis.”

Christiana Purves, a Republican National Committee deputy director of regional communications, called Inslee’s environmental agenda a “pie in the sky” effort doomed to failure.

“A staunch supporter of a pie in the sky Green New Deal that would cost Californians trillions of dollars, Inslee still failed to get similar policies off the ground in his own home state despite having a Democrat-controlled legislature,” Purves said.


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