Former child actor and reality television star Corey Feldman dropped his lawsuit against WeTV in which he alleged the network held him hostage on the set of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

The 49-year-old actor’s attorney, Wendy M. Benge, filed a request for dismissal on March 10 with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen I. Goorvitch. Benge’s court papers did not state if a settlement was reached of if Feldman was not pursuing the case for other reasons.

According to suit filed Aug. 28, Feldman alleged that he was exploited on the reality television show for ratings. Feldman further alleged producers “held him and his family hostage under duress in a location unknown to them, causing (him) severe emotional trauma.”

The show was initially sold to Feldman on the premises of being able, through guidance from licensed medical professionals, to help heal the tumultuous relationship Mr. Feldman had with his brother, Eden, over the years, according to the suit.

Instead, the show created questions and exercises that would focus and would reveal past sexual assaults on the celebrities and how such sexual trauma affected them and their lives, according to the suit.

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