A TV with many streaming options. Photo from Pixabay.
A TV with many streaming options. Photo from Pixabay.

Viewers spent 1.488 billion minutes watching the animated musical from Jan. 10-16, the third full week it was available on Disney+. Viewership increased 0.4% from the 1.482 billion minutes watched the previous week.

Viewership for the 40 episodes of “Cobra Kai” decreased 51.8% from 2.153 million the previous week, the second the 10-episode fourth season was available on Netflix, to 1.038 billion.

“Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” was third with 823 million minutes watched in its first three days of release on Amazon Prime Video.

There were two other programs in the latest top 10 not in the previous week’s.

The Netflix cheerleading documentary “Cheer” was seventh with 629 million minutes watched of its 15 episodes, including its nine-episode second season, which was released Jan. 12.

The romantic thriller film “Brazen” was 10th with 531 million minutes watched in the first four days it was available on Netflix.

Dropping out of the top 10 were the film satire “Don’t Look Up” and the makeover series “Queer Eye,” which both stream on Netflix, and the Disney+ “Star Wars” space Western “The Book of Boba Fett.”

“Encanto” and “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” were the only non-Netflix programs in the top 10. There were also eight Netflix programs and one each from Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in the previous week’s top 10.

Nielsen also announces streaming viewership of Apple TV+ and Hulu programming.

The top 10 consisted of four original streaming series, three movies, two series that originally aired on CBS, and “CoComelon,” the 15-episode 3D animated series of videos of traditional nursery rhymes and original children’s songs that originated on YouTube.

The top 10 programs were “Encanto”; “Cobra Kai”; “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania”; “NCIS”; “CoComelon”; “Criminal Minds”; “Cheer”; “The Witcher”; “Stay Close”; and “Brazen.”

The figures reflect only television-set viewing, including such television-connected devices as Roku and Apple TV. Mobile-only viewing is not included in Nielsen’s streaming measurement systems.

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