Cellphone photo of the object sent by reader Jacquelyn Najera.
Cellphone photo of the Trident missile sent by reader Jacquelyn Najera.

People in the Los Angeles area and from San Diego to San Francisco and beyond reported seeing a green object streaking through the sky at about 6 p.m. Saturday.

It was a test flight of a Trident II D5 missile launched from the USS Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine operating in the Pacific Test Range off the Southern California Coast.

The Tridents are part of the U.S. strategic nuclear deterrent. In wartime the missiles are armed with eight independently targetable nuclear warheads. The Kentucky and 13 other submarines in the class each carry 24 of the intercontinental-range missiles.

The Twitter-sphere was inundated with inquiries that came from people up and down the Pacific Coast, and as far east as Utah.

The Orange County Sheriff‘s Department reported on Twitter that the sighting was the result of a U.S. Navy test.

“Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through (John Wayne Airport) tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast. No further details,” according to the tweet.

The Federal Aviation Administration also said the light in the sky had to do with planned Navy activity over Point Mugu.

Operations at Los Angeles International Airport proceeded normally, LAX spokeswoman Nancy Castles told City News Service.

However, for the next seven days, flights arriving from midnight until 6:30 a.m. will use the regular daytime approach over land because the military airspace west of LAX will be active, Castles said.

— City News Service

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