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Remember failed Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann who was a member of Congress from Minnesota?

The woman who sparked controversy with personal attacks on President Obama and conclusions that the “Lion King” was gay propaganda will now work near the United Nations as a representative of a California megachurch whose pastor recently took part in an Oval Office prayer session with President Trump.

Skyline Church of Rancho San Diego is being represented at the United Nations by a former GOP member of Congress.

According to media reports and a YouTube video posted by Right Wing Watch, Skyline senior pastor Jim Garlow has named former Rep. Michele Bachmann to the unusual post.

Earlier this month, Garlow introduced Bachmann, the Minnesotan whose eight-year House tenure ended in 2015 who dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race in 2012 after accusing President Obama of having “anti-American views.”

While it’s not clear exactly how Bachmann will be interacting with worldwide representatives at the U.N., she will be working in New York for the church at a place she calls a dark, “deceived place.”

But the head of the church believes this move will help bring God to the world body.

“What if you wanted to disciple all nations and you wanted to reach the whole world?” Garlow said at a Sunday service.

“So God did you a favor, he simply arranged so all the world came to one place at one time so you could reach them all at once” — at the United Nations in New York City.

He called it the “most economical way” to reach key world leaders.

In the video posted Aug. 15, Bachmann, 61, says: “I don’t know a darker, more deceived place on earth than the U.N.”

Recalling the Tower of Babel — “the last time when we saw all the nations of the earth come together in a moment of deception” — she said the U.N.’s goal from the beginning has been creation of a “one-world order.”

But not an order under the “umbrella of the Holy Spirit.”

She called the United Nations “a man’s attempt at a one-world order that only brings about chaos, confusion, deception, delusion, pain. And that’s where, rather than cursing the darkness, Skyline Church is about to light a candle.”

Garlow did not respond to requests for comment, and Bachmann wasn’t immediately reachable.

But Christian Post, a member of the Evangelical Press Association, quoted Garlow on Facebook as saying: “Dream with me. Pray with me. Believe with me. What if a great spiritual awakening was inexplicably touched off in the United Nations in New York City?”

The Facebook post said he made five fact-finding trips to New York to see how to establish a U.N. ministry.

On Aug. 17, Garlow added details, saying Bachmann would not be called pastor but have the title executive director.

“What will she do?” Garlow asked on Facebook. “Well, for starters, she will pray. Congresswoman Bachman loves to pray for people. There’s lots more, but we’ll save that for later. Request: Will you pray for her?”

Garlow was part of an unofficial evangelical advisory board that, along with Bachmann, had a July meeting with Trump at the White House.

Photos of the event showed several pastors praying for Trump, laying their hands on his back and shoulders.

The religious advisory group suffered a schism over the weekend when New York megachurch pastor A.R. Bernard revealed that he had “quietly stepped away” from his board involvement when it “became obvious that there was a deepening conflict in values between myself and the administration.”

He didn’t mention the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — or the president’s controversial reaction to it — but said he submitted a letter of resignation Aug. 15, the day of Trump’s much-maligned press conference.

Meanwhile, a critic has emerged on Twitter with a parody account of Skyline Church’s Garlow.

Reputedly based in San Diego, HonestJimGarlow is the work of an ordained Wesleyan minister, according to email from that Twitter user. “The same as Jim,” said the user, who goes by Pastor X.

He says he is 36, born and raised in Indiana.

“I created the account because I thought the only way to really show how ridiculous [Garlow] has become is through parody/satire,” Pastor X told Times of San Diego.

He said talking directly to Garlow is like “talking to a wall covered in TVs tuned to FoxNews.”

Garlow, he says, has a small following of pastors in the denomination who think he is great, “but there are many who are just shaking their heads at how he has tied himself more to the GOP than Jesus Christ.”

Pastor X says his denomination “views him as a pariah but with us divided as our country (even denominations) are, I’m guessing they are just hoping he doesn’t do anything too stupid before he retires.”

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