Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar introduced two proposals Tuesday to provide additional shelter for homeless people living in downtown’s Skid Row.

Huizar is asking his colleagues to approve funding to ensure the construction of a Bridge Home facility at 310 N. Main St. His second motion requests $14 million for additional bridge housing facilities.

“Over the past year, we have been successful in providing increased hygiene services, storage facilities, outreach support and shelter,” Huizar said. “But there are still far too many homeless individuals on Skid Row, and this funding will allow us to provide more shelter, which is desperately needed.”

Huizar described Skid Row as the “epicenter of the housing crisis in the city of Los Angeles,” with about 3,000 people sleeping on the streets every night.

Los Angeles County’s latest data showed an 11% increase in homelessness on Skid Row since last year.

The two motions were introduced on the same day the City Council approved $6 million from the state’s Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program earmarked for Skid Row.

In February, the council accepted an emergency expenditure of $20 million from the state. All of those funds have been expended, Huizar said.

The money was used for temporary crisis and bridge housing, storage and hygiene programs. The funding was also used for a triage response that focused on addressing the most urgent issues while working toward getting people into permanent supportive housing.

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