Bicycles with smart technology offered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority for public use have not been popular in Westside neighborhoods, and the agency said Wednesday it will replace them with classic models.

Metro said it will temporarily suspend the Westside Bike Share System and close the 58 stations in the area starting Monday, with an expected return to service with the classic bikes by December or January.

Bike Share program members in the Westside neighborhoods of Venice, Palms, Playa Vista and Santa Monica that depend on services should make alternate arrangements for the next four or five months, according to Metro officials.

During the transition, Metro will add nine bike-share locations to the Westside, for a total of 67 stations to improve the coverage area.

Metro said one reason the smart bikes have not been popular in the Westside neighborhoods is they contain technology that limits their ability to be used outside a certain service area. Classic bikes operate solely on foot pedaling, have higher ridership, are simpler and less expensive to replace, Metro officials said.

Metro will continue to operate a limited quantity of electric bikes in its fleet, including in the Westside neighborhoods, once the conversion is completed.

More information on Metro’s Bike Share Program can be found at

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