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The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services reminded pet owners Thursday to keep their animals safe during New Year festivities.

Fireworks, noisemakers and loud music can scare pets into running away, and officials urged owners to keep their animals indoors to prevent them from escaping. The best way to keep pets safe is to make sure they stay indoors and in an enclosed room if possible, officials said.

If an animal needs to go outside to use the bathroom, owners should keep them on a leash or double-check that the gate or fence is secure, according to officials, who added that all pets should have up-to-date identification in case they get lost.

If a pet is afraid of the loud festivities, officials said owners should “create a calming environment,” or safe space in a room or crate with their favorite toy. Soothing music can also help drain out loud noise and calm the animal.

Owners should also keep their pet from eating fireworks or being burned by them, and officials reminded people that alcohol is also toxic to animals, as well as rich and fatty foods, like yeast dough and chocolate.

Animals that are not acting like themselves should be taken to a veterinarian, and Animal Services officials urged owners to check in advance to see where the closest 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic is.

People who lose their pet should contact the nearest L.A. Animal Services Center and let them know that the animal is lost. They can also check the L.A. City Lost and Found Pets Facebook Page at or the L.A. Animal Services website at

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