Beginning Friday, voters in Los Angeles Region 5, which includes Hollywood, can request their vote-by-mail ballots for the 2021 Los Angeles Neighborhood Council election, the city clerk announced Wednesday.

The 2021 Los Angeles Neighborhood Council elections will be done entirely through vote-by-mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 90 neighborhood councils have elections this year, with the first one being on March 16 for Region 5, which includes Central Hollywood, East Hollywood, Hollywood Hills West, Hollywood Studio District, Hollywood United, Greater Wilshire, Mid-City West and P.I.C.O, according to the city clerk.

Voters are able to request their absentee ballots starting 60 days before election day and at least seven days before election day.

Election days are:

— March 16 for Region 5;

— March 23 for Region 6;

— April 6 for Region 7;

— April 13 for Region 8;

— April 20 for Region 1;

— April 27 for Region 2;

— May 4 for Region 3;

— May 11 for Region 4;

— May 18 for Region 9;

— May 25 for Region 10;

— June 8 for Region 11; and

— June 15 for Region 12.

People who want to find their neighborhood council can visit People who want to request a ballot 60 days before their election day can visit

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