L.A. Sanitation and Environment announced Friday it received a $447,343 grant from CalRecycle to improve the livability and quality of life in Los Angeles.

The money will be focused on the removal of illegally disposed waste on city curbsides, alleyways, roadways and underpasses in South and North Central Los Angeles.

“This grant from CalRecycle supports LASAN’s mission of protecting public health and the environment. Illegal dumping impacts our neighborhoods and causes harm to the biodiversity that exists in Los Angeles,” said Enrique C. Zaldivar, Director and General Manager of LASAN.

“We at LASAN are thankful to CalRecycle and will continue to use all available resources in order to combat blight, protect public health and the environment in our communities.”

The grant will also provide financial assistance to LASAN’s annual waste disposal budget, fund community clean-ups and develop and distribute magnets and fliers at community events. LASAN officials said the grant’s public benefits include cost savings, decreased community blight, improved public health and safety, increased public awareness and prevention illegal disposal activities.

“This grant will help the city remove illegally dumped material from our public right of ways, ensuring safe, clean, passable sidewalks for all who use them,” said Robert Potter, Division Manager of Support Services.

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