Hoping to make a dent in the backlog of cargo ships waiting to unload merchandise, the city of Long Beach Friday temporarily relaxed its rules restricting the height of stacked cargo containers at port terminals.

Depending on the specific terminal, Long Beach codes limit stacking to either two containers or no more than 8 feet in height, an effort to limit the visual impact to surrounding areas.

In light of the glut of ships trying to get into the port to unload containers, the city has agreed to waive enforcement of the current restrictions for 90 days. During that period, up to four containers can be stacked. Terminal operators can contact fire officials on site if they want to stack up to five containers.

“The city will work during the next 90-day period to assess the situation and effectiveness of this solution and any impacts on the surrounding areas,” according to a statement from the city. “City staff anticipates presenting information on this topic to the city council in November to receive further input on the solution as well as consideration for impacts to the areas where these operations are located.”

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