Jane Campion - Photo courtesy of the 'Power of the Dog' Instagram

After becoming the third woman — and second in a row — to win the Oscar for best director, Jane Campion said Sunday evening she is hoping to see the trend continue.

Asked backstage at the Dolby Theatre what it will take for women to dominate the best-director category, Campion said it’s a “nice dream,” but she said she mainly appreciates good films, no matter who creates them.

“I really love great work when people do it and I don’t care who they are,” Campion said after winning the directing prize for “The Power of the Dog.” “Or where they come from. I’m just like, moved by it. And you know, what is I guess very gratifying is that very often these days as women, because they’ve got this energy, they’ve been emboldened I think by the MeToo hashtag movement, to feel this is their time. And you know, I think we’re going to see a lot more of exciting film coming from women. So that makes me excited.”

Last year’s Oscar for best director was Chloé Zhao of “Nomadland.” Before that, the only woman to win the directing Oscar was Kathryn Bigelow for “The Hurt Locker.”

“The Power of the Dog” was the leading contender heading into Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony, but it only wound up winning one — for Campion.

Campion previously won an Oscar in 1994 for writing the original screenplay for “The Piano.” She said winning that prize was a “very different experience.”

“And 27 years is a long time and you know, I’ve been chugging away doing things and so it’s like a real comeback,” she said. “And it’s beautiful to feel that you can do that, you can keep developing as a director and get stronger. And you know, I love working with women because their beautiful qualities … they’re maternal, they’re outspoken, they’re emotional, they’re truthful, they’re real and they’re incredibly talented.”

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