City Council President Paul Krekorian is seeking a climate budget for Los Angeles, according to a motion filed Wednesday.

Citing a need to align the city’s budget with its climate goals, Krekorian is seeking reliable data regarding greenhouse gas emissions to help Los Angeles reach its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.

The motion asked for the Bureau of Sanitation and the Environment to present a greenhouse gas emissions inventory to the council, which would be used to inform the city’s budget process. It also sought to establish a climate impact team to support the preparation of investment plans.

Other major cities, such as Barcelona, Montreal and Oslo have some form of climate budget, according to the motion. Los Angeles also tracks expenditures regarding homelessness with a dedicated team and the Homelessness Non-Departmental Schedule, the motion states.

“Our city must similarly organize and invest to meet the needs of the climate crisis and institutionalize its decarbonization goals into the administration of the city budget,” the motion reads.

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