City Council President Paul Krekorian released a letter Friday that he sent to Los Angeles Mayor-elect Karen Bass stating that there is “no one better suited to take on this task and lead our city” than her.

“You have articulated a vision for our future that is optimistic and inclusive, and I am entirely confident in your ability to make that vision a reality,” Krekorian wrote.

Krekorian, who was elected as council president last month following Nury Martinez’s resignation, acknowledged that the path ahead for Bass “will not be easy” as City Hall tries to recover from a racism scandal that has shaken public trust.

“I truly believe that we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reform our city’s institutions and restore our people’s confidence in the level of government that touches their lives most directly,” Krekorian wrote.

Krekorian applauded Bass’ “talent for coalition building,” which “will be vitally important as we navigate the many complicated and difficult crises that are before us.”

“The challenges our city faces are great, and the bonds of trust that should join the people with their elected leadership are frayed, but I have every confidence in your proven ability to lead people of vastly divergent viewpoints to transcend their differences and find common ground,” Krekorian wrote.

Bass, who gave her first speech as Mayor-elect on Thursday, is set to be sworn in Dec. 12.

Krekorian also sent a separate letter all four councilmember-elects, congratulating them on their victories. The incoming members will be briefed on “the city budget, the idiosyncrasies of the city’s legislative process, office staffing and budget, and other nuts-and-bolts aspects of being a Councilmember,” according to Krekorian.

“We who have the responsibility of leadership face tremendous challenges right now, but I’m confident that we are also entering a time of great new opportunities,” Krekorian wrote.

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