snow in idyllwild
Snow in Idyllwild - Photo courtesy of Brandon Ryu Oh on Shutterstock

Post offices in Idyllwild and Mountain Center shut down because of heavy snowfall reopened for business Thursday.

The Idyllwild Post Office at 54391 Village Center and the Mountain Center Post Office at 29470 Highway 243 were closed Wednesday afternoon when a winter storm rolled across the San Bernardino National Forest, generating blizzard-like conditions.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, officials decided to close both offices due to the winter hazards.

The National Weather Service said that just over six inches of fresh snow fell in the area, following similar snowfall amounts recorded last week.

The roof on a business in Idyllwild partially collapsed, and a pine tree toppled onto several mobile homes just west of Highway 243, during the snowstorm. No injuries were reported in either instance.

The Idyllwild Snow Cam, mounted on a business in Idyllwild Town Center, elevation 5,479 feet, showed thick snow drifts but roadways open in the downtown space Thursday.

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