Imperial Show Girls strip club. Photo via
Imperial Show Girls strip club. Photo via

A 25-year-old man will be sentenced Jan. 6 after he pleaded guilty to running over a victim during a New Year’s early morning melee in a parking lot shared by a strip club and a fast-food restaurant in Anaheim and fleeing the scene.

A prosecutor said it’s possible the defendant would not have been charged with any crime if he had reported the incident instead of driving off, as he himself may have been a victim of an attack.

Logan Alexander Reynolds Friday in court acknowledged his guilt to hit and run with permanent and serious injury.

The deadly incident happened early on New Year’s Day of 2015.

About 3 a.m. that day, Reynolds was in a drive-through of a Del Taco restaurant at 1141 N. Magnolia Ave., when someone in his car made a remark about music someone else was playing close by, according to Deputy District Attorney Stephen Cornwell.

The remark angered some people in the crowd, including bouncers from the nearby Imperial Show Girls strip club at 2640 W. Woodland Ave., according to Cornwell.

Three men approached the defendant’s car “menacingly” with one person ripping off a windshield wiper, Cornwell said.

The victim — 26-year-old Davoriol Wright of Anaheim — jumped up on the hood of Reynolds’ car, prompting the defendant to gun it, Cornwell said. Wright fell off and tumbled underneath the car and succumbed to his injuries, Cornwell said.

It’s possible Reynolds wouldn’t have faced any criminal charges if he had reported the situation, but he broke the law when he left the scene and didn’t report it, Cornwell said.

— City News Service

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