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A 48-year-old molester has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for attacking two underage female relatives, including one girl over a several-year period during sleepovers in Fullerton.

One victim’s ordeal began when she was 7 years old.

Amador Estrada, 48, was convicted last month of three counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor younger than 14, with jurors also finding true sentencing enhancement allegations for multiple victims.

During the trial, there was evidence he victimized a third relative, but he was not charged with that conduct.

The molestations — which occurred between Oct. 21, 2009, and June 19, 2012 — came to light when the youngest accuser talked to friends at her elementary school, according to Deputy District Attorney Rebecca Reed.

“This brave little girl finally decided to say something and finally someone believed her,” Reed told jurors.

The girl had mentioned the abuse to other family members, but they did not follow up, Reed said. When a friend of the girl told her mother, the principal was called and she alerted police, Reed said.

When the girl was dropped off at her relative’s home for a sleepover in their two-bedroom home, she would normally sleep on the floor next to the defendant, Reed said.

The child would sometimes complain to her relatives that Estrada “touched me and I don’t like him touching me,” so they would let her sleep in another room, the prosecutor said.

After police began investigating, other girls in the family reported “inappropriate” behavior and incidents of molestation, Reed said. One girl accused Estrada of “licking his lips” as he leered at her crotch, she said.

Another girl said she was 9 or 10 when he grabbed her and forced himself on her until he became aroused, Reed said. That girl would sometimes skip dinner so she wouldn’t have to pass him in the hallway for fear he would grab her, the prosecutor said.

The girl changed her story when interviewed by social workers, Reed said. The child may have been partly motivated to do so because she was no longer allowed to visit her relative’s house and play with a cousin who she considers her best friend, Reed said.

“You’ll hear a very sad little girl trying to cover up what happened because her family was upset,” Reed told the jury.

Defense attorney Justin Glenn told jurors the youngest accuser lied because a friend at school, who was a sexual abuse victim, got “a bunch of new stuff from her parents,” including a phone.

The girl later told her father she lied “because she wanted some stuff,” Glenn said, alleging that the other girls also lied.

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