The Riverside County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved the use of $5.7 million for the Palm Springs Navigation Center, which aims to address the city’s homelessness issue.

The funds will be used for the acquisition of the center’s campus, which will be located in Palm Springs, but was not specified by the office of Supervisor Manuel Perez. According to Perez’s office, he will seek more funding from the county for renovation and development of the campus for a total of $7 million.

The campus aims to address the homelessness issue facing Palm Springs through a “solution-oriented approach,” and is being developed by the city in partnership with Riverside County. The campus will provide housing and comprehensive services for the homeless.

“In this instance federal funding and county cooperation allows us to build in Palm Springs a center of housing, rehabilitation and recovery that will move people permanently from our streets to their new homes,” Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton said.

“For our residents, businesses, visitors and for those living on our streets it is a time for action. The Palm Springs Navigation Center is a concrete action step that will make a difference in our community. We thank Supervisor Perez and our partners at the county of Riverside in making a difference,” Middleton added.

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