A California Highway Patrol cruiser. Photo by John Schreiber.

Riverside County commuters using Interstate 10 through western San Bernardino County need to watch their speed and pay attention to road rules going into and out of construction zones or face possible enforcement stops by the California Highway Patrol, the agency said Wednesday.

CHP officers will be re-mounting Operation “Crash Reduction & Safe Highways” (CRASH) on Thursday along I-10, between Interstate 15 and Monte Vista Avenue in San Bernardino.

The operation is slated to continue for two weeks, with saturation patrols along both sides of the heavily used artery at different times, the CHP said.

CRASH was initiated in March and continued through most of April, resulting in an average of one traffic citation for every hour that it was active. Officials said patrol units were on the move for a total of 119 hours during the two months.

Construction activity is occurring on I-10, north of the Riverside County line, day and night.

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