We Are One United - Photo courtesy of https://weareoneunitedinnovation.org/

A Palm Springs youth violence intervention program has been awarded a grant of more than 2 million dollars, the city announced Thursday.

The California Board State and Community Correction’s Violence Intervention grant program awarded We Are One United a $2.1 million grant to combat youth violence in northern Palm Springs.

“Youth violence has long been a problem in the northern part of the city,” said a statement from the city of Palm Springs.

A three-phase strategy to stop the violence will include violence mitigation, mentoring and opportunities for youth to become community leaders and advocates. The grant money will be distributed over the next three years.

“We are looking forward to working with members of the community, all stakeholders including nonprofit partners, schools, cities, law enforcement and local businesses to create a lasting peace where everyone benefits,” said founder of We Are One United John Epps.

Epps said young people will lay a foundation of leadership, talent and advocacy through the organization’s strategy for a better future.

We Are One United promotes equity and well-being through community innovation and opportunities.

“Supporting our young people in workforce development and violence prevention helps create a community that can thrive now and for future generations,” said Mayor pro tem Grace Garner, who represents District 1.

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