A lawsuit filed against Manny Pacquaio Wednesday in Los Angeles alleges the boxer should have disclosed that he had a shoulder injury before Saturday’s fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Clive Hurwitz filed the proposed class-action suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the boxer and Top Rank Inc., alleging fraud and unlawful business practices. The suit seeks restitution and unspecified compensatory damages.

Despite its billing, spectators were “generally underwhelmed” by the match, which Pacquaio lost, the suit states. Had Hurwitz known of Pacquaio’s injury, he would not have purchased the pay-per-view fight, which cost consumers an average of $100, according to the lawsuit.

A representative for Pacquaio could not be immediately reached.

Two people in Nevada filed a similar lawsuit in federal court earlier this week.

City News Service

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