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The Pac-12 Conference’s test program intended to shorten the length of football games will be in effect for Saturday’s UCLA- Hawaii game at the Rose Bowl.

The opening kickoff is set for 2:01 p.m., enabling action to start start closer to the listed game time. The break time between the first and second quarters and third and fourth has been reduced and halftime will be cut from 20 minutes to 15, according to Dave Hirsch, the Pac-12 Conference’s vice president, communications.

The efforts are meant to shorten game lengths by up to 10 minutes and reduce broadcasts by up to 15 minutes, Hirsch said.

Elements of the program will be in effect for nonconference games shown on the Pac-12 Network, which could total 15, Hirsch said.

The program is the result of an evaluation of broadcast viewership and attendance throughout the conference and was put into effect following consultation with coaches and administrators.

Saturday’s game is the only one involving UCLA in the program. The only USC game in the program was last Saturday’s 49-31 victory over Western Michigan.

—City News Service

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