a dodger stadium view of the field from seats behind home plate, showing the field, players, and fans in their seats, along with a batter in the box.
A view of Dodger Stadium’s field from seats directly behind home plate. Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers

If you managed to score a pricey World Series ticket to Dodger Stadium for the game Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll have to battle bumper-to-bumper traffic and searing record heat.

While no one can do much about the weather, Metro can help solve your driving difficulties with free express buses to the stadium.

More buses have been added to the Dodger Stadium Express service, together with a new boarding area at Union Station West near the taxi zone. A dedicated bus lane on Sunset Boulevard should help fans get to the game early.

Service at Union Station begins three hours before game time and runs every 10 minutes. Service from Bay 9 at the Harbor Gateway Transit Center starts two hours before the game and buses will run every 20 minutes. Return service to both location ends 45 minutes after the end of each home game.

Union Station passengers will be dropped off and picked up either behind center field or at the top deck.

Harbor Gateway fans will be dropped off and picked up behind right field.

Santa Ana winds roared through much of Southern California Tuesday, with temperatures hitting up to 30 degrees above normal. Temperatures were in triple digits in the Dodger Stadium area and even the beaches.

More information on routes and service is available at www.metro.net or by calling (323) 466-3876 (GO METRO).

–City News Service

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