The Long Beach Airport. Photo by John Schreiber.
The Long Beach Airport. Photo by John Schreiber.

Rainfall records were broken in a spectacular fashion during Friday’s rainstorm, the National Weather Service confirmed Saturday.

The 1.49 inches that fell at Los Angeles International Airport more than doubled the previous record, .65 inches, set in 2011.

Long Beach Airport saw 1.54 inches of rain fall, breaking the old record of .88 inches, also set in 2011.

Bob Hope Airport in Burbank got 1.22 inches, besting the 2009 record of .97 inches.

In the High Desert, Lancaster set a record with 1.19 inches, and Palmdale got 1.1 inches. Both those locations had a prior record of .82 inches set in 1951.

Just to the west of Los Angeles County, and near the Camarillo Springs flooding zone, the Camarillo Airport was soaked with 2.4 inches of rain. Their old record was .85 inches in 1995.

— City News Servcie

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