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A low-pressure system will move over the Southland Thursday night, bringing a slight chance of rain after midnight, but forecasters say residents likely won’t see much precipitation.

The National Weather Service predicted a roughly 20 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms after midnight. That chance of rain will continue Friday morning, but the system is expected to pass through the area fairly quickly, with a dry Memorial Day weekend anticipated.

Forecasters said that while there’s a chance of some rain and storms across the Los Angeles area, the chances of rain as the system moves through will be primarily focused in the southern portions of the county.

According to the NWS, there’s a chance of “drizzle or light showers just about anywhere overnight tonight into Friday,” but the rainfall amounts are expected to be small, generally less than one-tenth of an inch.

“Precipitation potential will drop off Friday evening and no precipitation is expected Saturday,” according to the NWS.

For the balance of the weekend, temperatures will remain slightly below normal, but no more rain is in the forecast.

Although only minimal amounts of rain are expected, Glendora city officials have raised the alert level for residents living below the Colby Fire burn area.

The Yellow alert status requires residents in the area to remove vehicles, trash bins and other obstructions from streets to ensure emergency access to the area and prevent damage from possible flooding.

City officials noted that there is always a chance a sudden thunderstorm could develop, raising the concern of flooding.

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