An example of a sewage spill, not the one from Long Beach.
An example of a sewage spill, not the one from Long Beach.

The ocean off the coast of Long Beach was closed to all swimming and surfing Monday due to at least seven sewage spills that occurred due to the rain.

The spills were reported between Sunday night and Monday morning, according to the city health officer, Dr. Anissa Davis. Of the seven spills, six occurred outside the city of Long Beach, according to the city.

Davis ordered that all coastal swimming areas be closed, and they will remain closed until tests determine the water is safe. City officials noted that the spilling sewage has stopped with the end of rainfall in the area.

The closures are in addition to those that were ordered Friday at Colorado Lagoon, Mother’s Beach and Alamitos Bay in response to a separate spill.

The Long Beach area received a record amount of rain over the weekend, with nearly 4 inches of rain falling.

City officials said there is no immediate estimate on how much sewage spilled and reached the ocean.

Long Beach residents can call (562) 570-4199 for the latest status on beach water quality.

–City News Service 

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