A woman is suing the owners of the Banc of California Stadium and a security firm, alleging both are liable for injuries she suffered when a fan who was crowd-surfing fell on her during a 2019 Misfits punk rock band concert.

Jackeline Romero’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleges premises liability and negligence by LAFC Sports LLC and other related companies that together own the arena, as well as security firm Contemporary Services Corp. The suit also alleges battery by several still-unidentified “Doe” patrons.

Romero seeks unspecified damages in the suit brought Tuesday. Representatives from LAFC Sports and Contemporary Services could not be immediately reached.

Romero was present at the arena on June 29, 2019, to view the sold-out Misfits concert, which included general admission and VIP viewing areas separated by a barrier, the suit states. The VIP area was closer to the stage and the performers, while the general admission section was further away and behind the VIP section, according to the suit. She believes all guests for the two areas were provided standing room only, the suit states.

Romero and her associates were standing near the front of the general admission section, directly behind the barrier, the suit states. Throughout the concert, security staff members were stationed at the rear of the VIP section, facing the general admission section, with their backs to the stage.

From the concert’s start, many patrons in the general admission area tried to scale the barrier between the VIP and general admission areas so that they could get closer to the stage and the performers, while Romero and those with her tried several times to get the attention of the security staff to tell them they were being pushed into the barrier, the suit states.

However, the security team did not stop the crowd from thrusting Romero and others near the front of the general admission area into the barrier, nor did they try to prevent the unruly general admission ticket holders from scaling the barrier into the VIP area, the suit states. One such fan, with the help of those with him, tried to crowd surf his way over the barrier, but instead fell on the back of Romero’s head and neck, causing her to slam into a metal barrier, the suit states.

Romero suffered multiple facial contusions, a jaw fracture, dental injuries and orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury, the suit states.

“Immediately upon impact, Ms. Romero’s face was bloody and disfigured and her front teeth were shattered,” the suit states.

Her companions called security for assistance and told them to apprehend the fan who fell on her, the suit states.

She was taken to a room where she provided information about the incident, while the fan who injured her was brought to a separate room, but the security team denied Romero’s request for the name of that fan, the suit states.

Romero continues to suffer serious physical and emotional injuries, the suit alleges.

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